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how distinguish between simple receipt (not vat deductible) and Vat deductible ones



my company has recently introduced Concur and we are facing this issue:

we have noticed that travel expenses appears in VAT ledger even though they are not VAT deductible. Is this a configuration error, or a procedural error by user? For example when the expenses receipts are uploaded via app, is necessary specify some special setting to discriminate between Vat deductible and not deductible? if yes which setting?.

Thanks a lot in advance 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@eng_group I'd like to take a look at something in your site, but I need the name of an employee that submitted an expense that was not VAT deductible. 

If you could send me a private message and provide me the employee name and the name of the expense report where this happened, I can look at something. To send me a private message, click my username (KevinD) then click the Message button.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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