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We Need Concur Invoice Success Stories/Positive Feedback



I work for a company of nearly 300 employees within the HR service industry.  We have been trying to roll out Concur Invoice for our Accounting department.  Due to the nature of our business and current processes, we are finding that Concur Invoice is MORE work for us to process invoices.


Would any satisfied Concur Invoice customers be willing to talk to us about their experience with the system and how they best utilize the product?  We use QuickBooks as our financial system.


Thanks in advance.

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @bkowalski


Thanks for posting! This is a great question for the community. I look forward to seeing who raises their hand to share their stories with you.


In the meantime, here are all our invoice case studies:


This should help to give you a good idea of the possibilities are with Concur Invoice and where others have seen value. 


You can also reach out to your Concur Rep for more resources.


I hope this helps!



Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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We are in the process of implementing/testing Client Managed Capture Invoice and so far also find it to be more work.  I am looking for success stories as well, but am also interested in what you are finding to be difficult and time consuming.

Looking forward to comments.


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I just joined a company that has been using the PO/Invoice product for 9 months.  We have the new analytics reporting platform.  I agree, so far, this too seems like a lot of work and is not realizing the efficiencies it should.  Some of this is setup, but not sure why it would have been set up, especially for approval routings, in such a tedious and inefficient manner. Additionally, the reporting is extremely lacking with Analytics. I'm being told to revert back to the Cognos (older) platform.

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We have been utilizing the Concur Invoice, PO and Expense modules since 2016.  There are some great benefits to the invoicing feature but I wish there were more training and tips/tricks for the invoice side like there is with the expense features.   I took over as the Concur Admin after the roll out so most stuff I had to figure out on my own, typically by turning in case tickets for help.  I feel lke we are underutilizing what the system can do for us.  Since we have multiple companies that are set up to invoice through Concur it defintely helps us streamline the process.  We are a very complex company and Concur has worked with us to help build a platform that works for our needs.   We have our challenges, but overall we are pleased with it. 

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Do you have some examples of the tips and tricks that you can share?  If not here then you can go to the SAP community and write a quick blog.  I think that would help all of us out.


I know more work and no time.  But I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.

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We have a smaller organization but our situation is similar to yours. Our organization was assigned a new account manager (Jun Park) and can not get a response after multiple requests for a meeting.  In 2019, we had a very positive experience with Concur.