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Occasional Member - Level 2

Vendor Change Report

Hi. We are using the analytic reporting version not analysis/intelligence.  I'm looking for a report that would identify changes made to my vendor records. Concur is paying our vendors after they process the invoices (based on our approvals). This makes concur the system of record for payments.  For multiple risk reasons, this is an extremely important report.  Additionally, our auditors are looking for it.  Has anyone been able to run this?  In particular, I'd like to see changes in vendor name, address and bank information. Thanks for the help!

Occasional Member - Level 2

I've put a suggestion in with Concur.  Please vote/promote my suggestion...entitled:


"Creating a Vendor Change report (for fraud and audit purposes)*"


Here are the instructions to add or vote for improvements:


To make a suggestions for this type of functionality you can submit a Solution Suggestion by following these steps:
~Access the Support Portal by clicking on the Support link (upper right). (In the help section--->contact support---> see below)
~Select Solution Suggestion at the bottom of the page or from the Community Info tab.
~Click on Post Solution Suggestion.
~Enter the Title.
~Select a Category.
~Type in your suggestion using up to 2,000 characters.
~Click on Post. This will post and create