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Unassigned Queue

Hi, I am looking for a report to identify the number of inovices that are sent to the Unassigned Queue on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I reached out to Concur to create the report and was told it would cost approx $1,180 to build.


Does anyone else use this report and have an alternative option other than spending $1,180 that would be great. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

@SB1 if you use Cognos reporting, you can use either the Query Studio or Report Studio tool to build this report. I'm not sure you can get the date it was sent to the queue, but you can certainly see a list of unassigned Invoices. 


Now the question is, have you ever used Cognos reporting? If not, I would suggest purchasing a book (probably from Amazon) that IBM has written or possibly someone else that discusses all things Cognos. I'm sure this would be cheaper than $1180 dollars and I think it would walk through building reports. 


We also offer free training on using Cognos, however the class uses examples from Expense, not Invoice. It gives a good foundation of how the tools work and then makes it easier to understand when people provide steps on building a report, such as the one you need. I'd start there. For a list of our upcoming classes, go here:


Scroll down a bit to the Register for Training section of the page to see the next available classes. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 3

Thanks Kevin, I can run the  unassigned queue report daily however, if the report you mention does not provide the date the invoices were moved to that queue that will not be helpful. Thanks