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Setting up another Invoice Policy

We are trying to set up a new Invoice Policy that has a different approval workflow. Right now our Default Invoice Policy has an approval workflow based on location so the invoice will automatically go to the Project Manager of that specific location. We want to set up another Invoice Policy that allows us to set who we want the invoice to go to for approval. (we have to have a separate one for our Legal Invoices in which Project Managers do not need to review those but it also needs to be allocated to locations) Any suggestions?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee


If your Legal invoices do not need to route to the Location Cost Object step, you could have a rule put in place to skip that COA step if Legal Expense Type (or some sort of Legal identifier/flag).  Then you could simply add a Legal Approval step manually or have us create/set a static Legal Approver.  

The option I mentioned above could be done via a Support ticket. 


If you would prefer a completely separate Policy/Workflow, that would require purchasing a new policy/project.  I would suggest keeping everything under one policy though if possible to make maintenance much easier/simple.