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Restrictions for Approvers

Our dept managers have $ limits on how much they can approve before another approver is required.  How do I set those limits?  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@rstrickland you will need to go to Administration>Expense Settings>Policy>Expense Approvals and click Edit. You will see under Step 1. five approval workflows. You need to select the third option that says Manager>Authorized Approver>Processor. Click Save. 


Next, go to each approvers profile. You will now see an option Permissions>Approve that says Can Limit Approve. Select this option. This will make a field appear where you enter their dollar limit. Repeat these steps for each approver that needs to limit approve. 


If the amount of the submitted report exceeds the approval limit of the employee's default approver, then the approver will use the Approve & Forward button to choose the next approver who has a high enough approval limit. The report will not automatically route to someone with a high enough limit. 


The alternative option is to use the fifth option (Manager>Manager's Manager>Manager's Manager's Manager) approval option. Enter in the approval limits for all managers. If the submitted report exceeds the default manager's limit, it will go to that manager's manager and keep going up the managerial chain until a manager with a high enough limit has approved the report. 


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thanks, Kevin! I only saw this today but it was still helpful.