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Purchase Orders Multiple Vendor on SAP ERP - Mapping

We are just implementing Concur Invoice.   It's the Standard version.   On SAP ERP we have a purchase order with several different vendors assigned to it.  There is the main vendor and then all the various vendors in the conditions.  Some of the many that we use:


Outside vendor freight - different vendor than the main one on the PO

  • Inside freight
  • Revenue share
  • Broker Charge
  • Split load charge


And there are more.  In SAP it nicely splits out into AP.   So now move to Concur.   We are sending our purchase orders to concur.  The rule is one vendor per purchase order.  Once the invoice comes back to SAP, it could be an interesting mapping too.


Currently we are:
Splitting out the purchase order for example purchase order number - vendor.   So the purchase order in Concur would look something like this:


9 = purchase order number 8 = vendor


There of course are some challenges to doing it this way.  The least of one is to make sure our different Purchase Orders go to the correct invoice.  That can be done. (I believe we haven't gotten that far yet, but are planning to within the next week)


The mapping alone could turn into a nightmare.   For example what happens with a variance, how does it split it?  Things like that.  Prior to going done this road (We've started doing it).   Has anyone else had the same issue?   How did you handle the data mapping?  Just a general description is what I'm looking for.   It's not a problem to do things on the SAP side.   


We are on:

SAP HANA On-premise 

Netweaver 7.52


Thank you in advance,


Occasional Member - Level 2

We are having different issues.    However, the way we decided to handle the multiple vendors.  Is to split them out into multiple PO ID.   The PO number will be the same.   So the ID will look something like this:


8 = PO 9 = vendor

Then when the person in SAP does a goods receipt - I am using a BADI.   It will look at the PO/line item.  Then the program will split everything back out PO/Item/vendor to send back to Concur.

To make things even more fun - there could be 2 conditions with the same vendor.   So the programs will split those out in different lines on the 88888-99999 PO.

In theory that sould work.   If anyone else has a better solution please resond here.  It might be too late for me, but I bet others would appreciate the answer.