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Payment Terms by Vendor

How can I update the Payment terms by Vendor?  Does anyone know?





Community Manager
Community Manager

@RDeaner52 here you go:


By design, the Net Payment Terms field is not available on the Vendor Information Page for Concur Expense Standard Edition. Hence, the vendor manager would not be able to do changes/updates on the Net Payment Terms on this pageIn order for the Vendor Administrator to update the Net Payment Terms for a specific vendor, The Vendor Administrator needs to download the Vendor Template in an excel file to have it updated. Once updated, Vendor Manager would need to re-import the vendor information.

  • Steps on downloading the vendor information and do the necessary update:
1. Go to Invoice tab.
2. Select Vendor Manager.
3. On the search field, select Vendor Name on the search filter drop-down and type the name of the vendor.
4. Click on the magnifying glass to initiate search.
5. Once the search result is populated, click on the 'Send to Excel' hyperlink.
6. The extracted excel file will then show the vendor information. 
7. Search for the column Net Payment Terms and fill out the preferred terms. 
8. Save the file.



  • Steps on re-importing the vendor information with the updated Net Payment Terms: 
1. Go to Invoice tab.
2. Select Vendor Manager.
3. Click on the Import Vendors link.
4. Go to Step 2: Select File to Import, browse the excel file with the updated vendor information.
5. Click Import.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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@RDeaner52 - other than import option, there are 2 more easy options:

1. Invoice settings: Administration >> Invoice >> Invoice Settings >> Check/enable option 'Enable Create and approval for Invoice Vendor' >> Save

Once this setting is enabled, user having 'vendor manager' role can update vendor details directly on Concur screen. For that navigations are:

Click on Invoice tab >> Vendor Manager >> search for the vendor >> Double click and open vendor >> update net payment terms or other necessary fields >> save >> pop up will appear >> click ok and then click on close.


2. Forms and Fields: On PO header form, for field 'net payment terms' change properties and make field modifiable to Purchase Order Processor. This will allow purchase order processor to update net payment terms at the time of PO transmission. 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Please keep in mind if you are sending the flat file for vendor data via sFTP and the net payment terms field is populated that it will override any changes made manually or on demand import in the UI.

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@AB2  - Yes i agree, if we are updating net payment terms manually using option 1 (mentioned in my earlier response) then we should keep in mind that it is updated in all downstream systems

Regarding 2nd option, that can be use specifically in those scenarios where for one specific purchase order the client wants to update net payment terms due to some reason.