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No Data When Coworker Opens Report



I created a report in Analysis for my co-worker to use but she is unable to see the report results. The report just says "no data available". We both have the same report permissions. Is there a setting/permission under the Invoice and/or Reporting role that will allow her to see the same data I see? 

Many thanks,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@AlannahRandolp it is very possible, based on your description, that your co-worker's reporting permission does not allow her to see the data for that report. Also, if she is also a BI Manager and is accessing the report as a BI Manager, this could be the issue. The BI Manager permission allows a user to see data, but only for those they are the BI Manager for. If a user also has a Cognos role (Consumer or Business Author) then they likely won't have any data restrictions. It is possible a user can be both a BI Manager and a Consumer or Business Author. They will have the ability to access Cognos as either, but the permission they use to access Cognos will determine how much data they can see. 


Do you happen to know if your coworker is also listed as a BI Manager and might possibly be accessing Cognos as the BI Manager rather than the Cognos role of Consumer or Business Author? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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