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New user interface Fiori

I cannot comprehend why SAP keeps wasting money on these UI updates that do nothing but impair the user experience.


First, it was the Expense interface, a complete and total downgrade in every way.  Now, they've destroyed the invoice platform.  I imagine their design team has never, ever used either of the products for practical purposes.  I have had endless technical problems since March 2023 which remain unsolved, but hey, they changed the font, guys!


Looking for software alternatives seemed too daunting to consider, given we have a ton of historical information tied up in Concur.  They are making that decision look more and more realistic for me.  Concur has only gotten worse over the years.  Terrible update.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@LKillian we certainly respect your opinion. I would suggest using our customer influence program to submit your improvement requests. Here is the link:

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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