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New entity on Concur/Invoice

We want to absorb another entity on Concur/Invoice (a US entity with multiple locations form East- to West Coast).

For PO-invoices I do not see too many issues, but for non-po invoices it is important that invoices are being processed within the correct location:

What would be the best wat to set this up in Concur/Invoice?


I know there is a location field within Concur/Invoice, but can this be expanded for as many as you want?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee



If you need each invoice coded to a designated Location Code, you would use a custom field. If you want that to be a drop down list field, you can tie that to a custom list.

If the list of Locations is specifically for this new entity (and no others), you would want to consider a separate policy for the new entity so they can have this separate list. 

Otherwise if Location can be a free text field or be available to all with the same dropdown, you can keep them all on the same Invoice policy.  

Another option is to create a connected list for coding the Entity>Location so you don't need to setup a separate policy by Entity. 


As you can tell we have many ways of configuring for items like this, so you may want to touch base with your Client Success Partner so our scoping team can really dive into your requirements to make the best suggestion to meet your needs.