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Multiple approvers, same limit - Invoice

Hi, for purchase request approvals, I'm wanting to have 3 approvers be in the same $ limit. I then need the PR to be sent to all 3 of those people so they can decide if the invoice is for them or not. Only 1 needs to approve.


I've tried setting that up in the Workflow section of SAP Concur Invoice, however, when I submit the PR it only goes to 1 person.


How can I set this up correctly?

Thanks, Kelly 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Hi Kelly  - 


The only shared approval queues that we offer is the Processor or Processor Manager queues.

Since you only need 1 of the folks to approve, I would suggest setting up a generic user/login for the PR to route to for their limit. Then you can assign those 3 folks as the delegate approvers for the generic login. By doing so the 3 approvers would get an email notification and be able to view/approve as a delegate if it's their invoice to approve. 

If you have further requirements, I would suggest touching base with your Client Success Partner to help scope in case there would be consulting hours for configuration changes.