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How to confirm Invoice ACH Payment

I have a vendor asking for confirmation of payment for two invoices paid via ACH.  According to Concur's 2021 Tips & Tricks, I can run the "Payment Confirmation Extract," which provides remittance detail for any payments Concur Invoice has managed (ACH, Check, or Voucher).  


I ran the Payment Confirmation Extract, and after wading through the comma-delimited .txt file, I found the two invoices in question. 



The file does not have headers, but I've identified most of them as highlighted in the attached screenshot, which contains all of the data per the Extract.  

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 12.19.22 PM (2).png


What information from this Extract confirms the payments to my vendor - the payment demand ID? If not that number (given it's longer than 15-digits), is there an ACH reference number associated with Concur's ACH to this recipient?


Please advise.


Thank you,


Client Name: Adams Funds (ADX and PEO)

Client ID: 304169

Platform: Invoice Professional Edition