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How do you void an invoice already approved in Concur?


We just switched to Concur Invoice.  Prior to this, we were using Anybill to process our vendor bills.  In Anybill, we were able to reject an invoice out of Anybill for any reasons as long as Anybill has not yet released payment to the vendor.  After that, we will have to void the payment (if it's a check) AND the invoice.  There are multiple reasons why we may need to void out an invoice from Concur.  One recent example is the invoice owner reached out to AP after the invoice has been fully approved and also authorized for payment, but the payment has not yet been released.  The invoice owner indicated he just realized this invoice was duplicate, and it's been paid previously, so we should not pay for it again.  In Anybill, we just went to the invoice page, and clicked REJECT THIS BILL, and it's rejected, no longer processed.  However, in Concur, I don't know how to handle this.  There does not appear to be a way to void out an invoice in Concur after it's fully approved and extracted.  Another situation we have faced was a check was issued in January for a May field trip. Due to Covid closure, we canceled the trip.  When AP team reached out to the vendor to ask why they had not cashed the check (we were not told the trip was canceled), the vendor said the trip was already canceled, so we should void that check and also the invoice.  So in Anybill, we were able to void out the check AND the invoice.  But in Concur, I don't know how to do this.   So I am reaching out to the Community to see how you handle something like this.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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If you have access to Payment Manager, you can type in the invoice number and it will pull it up for you and over to the left side of the screen click on the actions button and select update payment details. Then click on the option for payment details and it gives you 3 options Cancelled, Paid or Voided.

payment button.PNG

Hope this helps.