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Occasional Member - Level 1

How can you detect a duplicate invoice?

I had to create an audit rule where the system picks up duplicates once you click save.  You then have to find the duplicate and delete it from the system.  Is there any other quicker ways to detect duplicates?

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Can you clarify what type of duplicate you are referencing? Duplicate card entries or are you referring to an itinerary or receipt which comes in and is not mapped with the card entry which results in a cash entry? I have solutions for both examples.
Routine Member - Level 3

Hi TK,
Check with your SAP Concur contact about a new module called "Detect" - I had the privilege of seeing it at Fusion and with the use of AI it will just about mitigate any concerns you have about detecting duplicate claims or expense transactions.

Kind regards
Richard Grigg
Assistant Director, Business Services
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Occasional Member - Level 1

This sounds to me like you are asking about Invoice, not expense.  This question came up in some of the classes at Fusion as well.  From what I understand, there is no way to automatically see the duplicate.  You do have to look for it.  It is usually a simple search for that ivnoice number in the processor screen however you do need to remember that it can be in deleted or unassigned areas as well.   

Occasional Member - Level 2

Do you use Concur-managed Capture? We do and it's a "rule" on their side to not pass us duplicate invoice numbers. We also have an audit rule just to make sure nothing sneaks through.

Occasional Member - Level 2

We are using Invoice Capture (Concur-managed) and we have a vendor that sends a lot of past due reminders, which contain duplicate invoices.  It seems that Concur is not stopping these from processing as duplicate invoices and our admin, spends a good deal of time deleting them.  How did you get that rule in place with the capture team?  It seems like we are missing an important time-saving feature in our set up. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Jenny I would suggest posting this in the User Admin Group as well. See if maybe some of the administrators there might be able to provide some insight.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Thank you for the tip. 

Occasional Member - Level 2

Here at the George Washington University are having the same issue with a few vendors, some of which are paid  by procurement card outside of Invoice.   I would love to know how to stop the invoices from certain suppliers at the point of capture, and for others, how to stop double, triple etc. posting of duplicate invoices.  Any assistance would be appreciated!

Donna T. Ginter
AVP, Procure-to-Pay
The George Washington University
GW Medical Faculty Associates
CHEAB Member
ERP: Oracle R12
Concur Modules:
Request, Expense, Travel, Expense Pay, Invoice, Detect
We allocate our p-card transactions through Expense
Occasional Member - Level 2

Hi Donna,

If you use Invoice Capture Processing - Dual Support, you can delete groups of emails, as long as there is some way to easily identify the duplicates.  We have a vendor that sends emails with the subject line Past Due and we can filter to all emails with that and select multiple lines of them and choose the action to reprocess as client managed and then we can select the client managed batches and delete them.  So far, that's the best we've come up with to handle large groups of duplicate invoices we know are duplicates.  It would be nice if there was a way to set up the system to reject those without us having to take those actions, but for now at least that is a start.