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Occasional Member - Level 2

Foreign currency invoices


We are testing how we receive, process and post invoices in foreign currencies and would like to know how other clients are processing foreign currency invoices in Concur.

  1. Do you pay in foreign currencies, or do you purchase the foreign currency and post the invoice amount to your ERP in USD?
  2. If post to your ERP in USD, and which point do you convert the Concur invoice to USD?
  3. What permissions or controls do you have around this ability to change the invoice amounts?

We are a higher ed client and our ERP is Banner (Ellucian).  We welcome any advice on this topic.

Thank you,
Gonzaga University

Occasional Member - Level 1

I have the same question. Has any answer been provided for this?

Occasional Member - Level 3

This subject is clunky for us as well.  We process the invoice in concur in its foreign currency and leave the invoice in a hold batch in our ERP system until paid in USD and update the amount in our ERP.  Unfortunately, there is a discrepency in our foreign vendors between our ERP and Concur.  I wish invoice include the exhcange rate similar to the expense side.  It would safe us a ton of headache.