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Edit Multiple Vendors/Invoices at once? Open multiple vendors/invoices in new tabs?

Hi there,

I am pretty new to SAP Concur, but I really enjoy working with it. I am having a few issues though.


The first one is with editing existing vendors/suppliers. I have about 70+ vendors that don't have a Tax ID set. So I have to go to the 'Vendor Management' tab, search for a vendor, click on it to open it, edit the 'Tax ID' field, and then save it. Then it returns me back to dashboard so I have to click on the 'Vendor Management' again, search the vendor again, choose the vendor to edit, open it, input Tax ID, close, and repeat. It is very time-consuming.
Does anyone know if it is possible to open multiple vendors in new web browser tabs? Or is it possible to edit multiple vendors at the same time? When I try to do 'open link in new tab' in microsoft edge, it doesn't open the selected vendor in a new tab but instead opens a blank tab with a blank page in it. When I select multiple vendors, I don't have any options to edit them. I can only edit them one by one.


This also applies to coding invoices. I often get multiple invoices from the same supplier and so a lot of the fields to fill out will be the same. Is there a way to open multiple invoices in multiple tabs within microsoft edge or edit invoices in bulk? It would be much faster if I could just open multiple invoices from the list in multiple web browser tabs and then switch between the tabs copying and pasting into the required fields. But as I said - selecting an invoice and trying to open it in new browser tab doesn't work. 

Thanks! 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Kaybris the only way to edit multiple vendors is if you did a Vendor import to bring in all approved vendors. You would then need to get the original vendor import file. There you could update the Tax ID field and do another import. If you don't have access to that file (if you ask me, I won't know who at your company has it), then you'll need to do it manually.


Ad for editing multiple invoices, there is no way to do a mass edit.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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