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Custom Audit Rules

Looking to setup a Custom Audit Rule...making sure that the approvers view the attached invoice before they approve it.  What are the steps to do that?

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Unfortunately, system nor custom audit rules are able to fire mid workflow so there is not a way to check the invoice image is reviewed.  A work around is to add an Approval Confirmation Agreement to your workflow that includes language stating the approver has reviewed the associated invoice images.  They would then be agreeing to this upon approval.   Another option is to use a custom field on the Invoice Header that is hidden to the invoice owner, modifiable by the approver, read only for the processor.  i.e. Invoice Image Reviewed.   The Processors can then run a query to view when the value does not equal yes. 

SAP Concur Employee
SAP Concur Employee

Yes that is correct for approvers. There is no way to show automatically that an approver clicked into an invoice image.  For Invoice Users however, there's an 'Invoice Received field' which is a system checkbox. So, this can be set in the Image Handling area (in Invoice Administration).  There's a setting to 'Mark invoices received' which can be viewed in the Processor queue for requests with a successful invoice image.  This setting will trigger to Yes for manually created invoices when a user uploads invoice images.  And, for invoices processed through Capture, this box is checked automatically when the user views the image.  Processors, can then set this field through their Preferences button to view as a column header called 'Invoice Received Field" in their personal view of the Processor queue.