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Concur Invoice - Workflow

Hi there!


I work for a Financial Services company and have recently rolled out Concur Expense, next on our list is Concur Invoice. While we are excited to eliminate paper trails and make use of Concur digitally, looking further into how it is going to work for us, I find it is not as helpful as I thought it was going to be. 

I'd be curious to hear from other people how they manage the workflow in Concur Invoice to see if I am missing a few things! 


We have a centralised inbox we're all our invoices arrive into, so we're going to put rules in place for all of them to be forwarded to our concur email address (meaning the only emails left in the inbox are ones that need attention from the Finance Team).

Next, invoices are going to be verified and send on to employees for coding (the invoice owners), moving then to the approver, and back to the Finance Team for final approval and processing. 

One aspect that Concur doesn't work for us is if we come across a new supplier/changed banking details. I wish we would have here the option for an approval process as opposed to only having a user with the 'Supplier Manager' role. Can anyone else advise how they are handling the process? 


We are now going to pick up the process by reaching out to our Executive team for supplier approval when being prompted by an error trying to import our extract into our accounting software (i.e. error: supplier not found). 

I also noticed that Concur Invoice doesn't;t support banking information for New Zealand, which is very unhelpful, given we are based there and now cannot make use of storing banking information...


Any tips and tricks would be appreciated!




Occasional Member - Level 2

I need to write and send an invoice to greene king. Never done this before please help