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Concur Invoice Goods Receipt

We are currently facing an issue with the goods receipt process in our Concur invoice implementation and seem to not be getting any successful help.

We are rolling out company wide, and need to ensure that there is a 3 way match between our PO (done in SAP... or maybe Concur?), the Goods Receipt (done in SAP, can it be done in Concur for inventory items?), and the Invoice. 

Does anyone using both Concur and SAP have any tips for how to manage this? Seems pretty basic... but we cannot figure it out.




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Hi Matt

We are also currently in the process of implementing Concur Invoice. We plan to continue to use the PO process in SAP for inventory items and only indirect materials will now be processed through Concur.

Our implementation team set up a 3 way match for us in Concur so basically the PO is matched against goods receipt (in Concur) and invoice scanned to Concur.


- PO is finalised in Concur and sent to supplier by email. Details of PO are held by system.

- When invoice is received it is scanned and as the supplier would have mentioned the PO in the invoice Concur now identifies the invoice and directs the invoice to the person preparing the purchase request.

- The purchase requester then has to create a payment request for the order to which now the invoice is already attached and also a screen called 'Matching appears'.

- The purchase requester or other responsible person has to receipt the goods by physically entering the quanity of goods receipt in the space provided on the payment request form.

- If everything matches the Matching screen will have a green tick. If not you have to go to the Matching screen and identify the issue.


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Hi Matt,


we've had a similar problem which we are still working on:

1. We're creating the PO in our ERP system (<> SAP) and send the to the vendor from the ERP.

2. We upload our PO's and Receipts from our ERP into Concur Invoice.

3. We match the payment request (incoming invoice) against the PO and the Receipts in Concur.

4. Those invoices that match are auto-submitted

5. Those invoices that don't match are either sent to the invoice owner or the AP Team




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@BartGypen  That is nice that you have your auto-matched invoices auto submitted.  We are set up pretty much the same except for the auto-submit.  We have experienced too many auto-matching errors that every invoice must go to our AP team for a quality review first.  How accurate has auto-matching been your your company?