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Checking banking details through Concur and your ledger

Hi Team,


I'm curious to know how everyone is managing their AP process with the help of Concur and their ledger. Whenever I currently load invoices for payment in our banking portal, I cross-check banking details of all invoices loaded in Concur vs what we have recorded in the ledger (and is used to batch pay). Our CFO who approves the payments in the banking portal does the same to ensure we are paying to the right place. 


We're based in New Zealand and it doesn't help Concur not having the ability to store banking details.. (currently have a dirty workaround of using the PO number field in the verification stage to copy the account number of every single invoice..) 


Does anyone have a good checking process in place that they can share? Ours is quite manual and not a good use of time for our CFO...