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Broken Workflow

We have been struggling with support to resolve a broken workflow issue for the last week. Multiple Payment Requests have "skipped" approvers and shown up in the Processing queue as as approved for payment.

Our Client Engagement Exec is out today and we need to resolve this ASAP. What is our next step to escalate?

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Do you have a direct deal with Concur? If so, you can contact yours Sales Rep and have them intercede on your behalf if the problem is urgent. 


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Hi in Cocur if the submitters direct manager does not approve within whatever timeframe your company sets for approvers then the system will send it back to the originator but all the budget type approver/ cost object approvers if they do not approve withtin the timeframe the system just self approves & forwards (skips) to the next person in the workflow process. What i do as the final approver is if the system skips one approver in the workflow i approve and forward (without clearing the alert) to the skipped approver it will always cycle back to me once they approve as I am the final processor approver. If it skips more than one approver then i send the invoice back to the submitter letting them know that they need to resubmit as the invoice skipped to many approvers. 

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Do you have access to the Workflows menu so that you can change the duration of returns?

In Administration-->Expense-->Expense Admin, you may have access to "Workflows". In that section, click on the workflow in which you are experiencing the issue. On the first page, there is a box for "Approval Time Expired Action". If you do not want the report to push forward, you would switch this to "No Action".

If you do not have this access, you would have to submit a support ticket.

Travel and Expense System Administrator