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Blanket PO Releases???

Hello anyone know how Concur Invoice handles Blanket PO Releases?  We are implementing Concur Invoice and will create POs using our ERP (Oracle EBS) then send POs, Blanket POs (BPO) and BPO Releases to Concur Invoice.  Concur PO does BPOs  but its not clear how BPO Releases are handled.  In Oracle a BPO has lines with Qtys, and unit prices however the BPO Release has Shipment line with qtys that are tied to the BPO line.  

Example: BPO 999, Line 1 Administrative Assistant  $75/hr, NTE 1000 hr 

                   BPO 999 Release 1, tied to BPO Line 1, Shipment 80 hrs, unit price $75/hr

                   Invoice BPO 999 Release 1 32 hrs @ $75/hr

How does Concur Invoice treat BPO Releases and subsequent invoices?  

SAP Concur, Former Employee

Hi @kperry,

Good quesiton!

Technically, Blanket POs are not supported, however there are a few work arounds. We have seen some customers import in each release as a line and they come up with a line number convention to indicate that. For example, line 10 release 6 would be imported as line 106 line 10 release 8 would be 108. Others flip qty and unit price.

You can click here to learn more about your options. There is a section in the link on blanket PO’s with some guidance from implementation.

Hope this helps!

Ashley Bragg
SAP Concur - Community Manager

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