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Best practice to manage vendor routing for a company with multiple locations

The company I work for is currently in the beginning phases of implementing Concur Invoice. Currently, we have 38 locations and the Capture team is proposing to create seperate vendor entries for each location. For example, if Office Depot is one of our vendors, we will have to have 38 different Office Depot vendors in order to match the invoices to each location. We fear that this will over-complicate the process as we would have thousands of vendors to enter. I'm looking for another company with multiple locations for tips and advice on how to simplify this process. 

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Develop a plan. Make sure that clear roles and responsibilities have been established within your organization regarding who will obtain documents from vendors, monitor vendor performance, etc.
Perform due diligence. ...
Pull Reports. ...
Keep monitoring. ...
Review risk. ...
Be resilient.

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Thank you for your response!

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We are in our design phase and we've been advised that this is the only way to hold vendors on concur. So in our case vendor exists in multiple company codes and we'll be creating vendor per Company.