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Assigning an invoice

I have an admin who creates and assigns invoices on an occasional basis. She created an invoice and clicked the "Assign" button at the top right to move the invoice to the reviewer who needs to see it. Instead of the "Assign Invoices" email box screen so she could enter the reviewer's email, the "My Invoices" screen opened. She clicked on the invoice to assign in but the "assign" option was greyed out. She ended up opening the "All Unpaid Invoices", opening the invoice in that screen and assigning the invoice from there.   This hasn't occurred for her before altho I have several reviewers who have problems opening invoices they need to review unless they "unassign" the invoice and then "assign" it once they've reviewed it.






Community Manager
Community Manager

@MiShipley Let me preface by saying Invoice isn't my number one area of expertise. However, issues that make me go Hmmm...are right up my alley.


Can you send me a private message of the user experiencing the issue. They shouldn't need to Unassign the invoice from themselves to open and review it. Unless I misread your post. 


However, assigning an invoice is more to give it to someone to complete and then submit, not to review and approve. At least in my experience. Anyway, I'll await your private message. Now, if this user currently has the same situation happening, tell them not do anything with the Invoice and provide the Invoice name in your private message as well. Click on my username (KevinD) to see the Message button. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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