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Occasional Member - Level 2

Adding Vendors and/or Banking Information Manually

Before the whole check debacle, I was able to manually add/update vendor profiles and ACH banking information.  Now, I get the following error, 'No vendor found by the provided criteria'.  This occurs whenever trying to add new vendors/banking info or updating existing vendor/banking info.  Now, everything has to be imported.  Nothing has changed in permissions or invoice settings. I have created a service ticket. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Zing02 what is a vendor you tried to add or update? When does this error pop up, when trying to open an existing vendor? When trying to add new? 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 2

The error received is 'No vendor found by the provided criteria.'  This is received when adding/updated vendors and adding/updating vendor banking.  Two other colleagues receive the same error message. 

Service Desk removed & then added the Vendor Manager permission, but error still received.

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Hi @Zing02 ,

Usually, we get this error when system doesn't find vendor code and vendor address code similar to your existing vendor record which you are re-importing to update any specific field value. 

Combination of vendor code and vendor address code, makes vendor record unique. 

To update any field in vendor, your vendor import file must contain same existing vendor code and vendor address code combination which is currently available in concur system. 

Also, regarding Bank info, assuming that you are trying to update Pay Method Type (Invoice Pay) field, if this is the case then your import file should match value as it is with your drop-down options (code should match). Then only, your bank info field will get updated. 



If vendor records are getting imported or created through interface, then try below test case to validate solution:

  1. Import 1 fresh new vendor record and once got successfully imported, go to vendor manager and note down its vendor code and vendor address code values.
  2. Now make some changes in same vendor record in SAP (or in respective source system) and ask your integration team to provide you extract of that record before file gets imported into Concur. Validate extract file values by converting it into Concur standard vendor import excel format. Check if you are getting same vendor code and vendor address code (should exact match with point #1 values).  If values match, then you can run your vendor import job manually and check whether your vendor record is getting successfully updated.  if values don't match, then that's where issue is. 

Note - I have faced similar issue (no vendor record found) in my on-going invoice projects, and this is how I resolved this.


Alternatively, you can use vendor import option which is available in vendor manager UI page: (manual import)

  1. Take any existing vendor record which is available in Concur and note down its vendor code and vendor address code.
  2. Download same vendor record with the help of 'send to excel' option available on vendor manager page.  (refer below screenshot)
  3. Do the necessary changes in import file. Let say, update vendor bank or any other field value (Except vendor code and vendor address code) and save. Please note - if you are updating any value manually in concur vendor record, then please ensure, same update has been done in source system on same day. Otherwise, next day when daily job runs, it will replace today's updated value.  To avoid this, you should do the same changes in source system. 
  4. Go to, vendor manager >> Vendor import >> browse your updated file and import. 
  5. Check if vendor bank or field which you have updated in file, does that got updated. 



Hope this would resolve your issue.