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ACH Payments

Hi,  we are rolling out the ACH product on Concur and I am looking for some best practices. We have 2 separate entities that we will be paying out payments. So according to the rep we will need to have 4 groups set up. 1 entity A -check   2. entity A-ACH  3. entity B-check and 4 entity B-ACH.  We then need to move our employees in and out of each group based on which entity they work for and whether they want check or ACH.  Can anyone give me information how best to handle this process.


Any help would be appreciated.




Community Manager
Community Manager

@clogue from your description, you say move employees in and out of groups. Do you mean that you need to assign the employees to the appropriate group based on the entity and type of payment method just one time? You aren't going to be continually moving, right? 🙂


If so, those groups can be assigned by using an employee import file. The Rep that said you need four groups should be able to provide you information on making those assignments using an import file. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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