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ACH Payments to Vendors

We are finally transitioning to ACH/Direct Deposit for our Vendors (already established for our employees). 

What is the process / system / platform that you use to capture the banking data from your vendors?

Do you do Micro-Deposits?  If so, can you share how you get the confirmation from the vendor?

We use Concur, then extract invoices to Oracle.  Is the system / process you use something that is compatible with Concur, Oracle or 3rd party standalone.


Heather Jackson

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Re: ACH Payments to Vendors

I'm interested in the same thing.  We just started paying invoices and now I need to extract data into my GL system.  Nobody at Concur seems to be able to help with this! :-(  


What have you learned about this that you can share?

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Re: ACH Payments to Vendors

Hi, we are considering implementing the Concur check printing functionality. Are you currently using this? Do you  have any good/bad feedback you can provide to help us make a decision?