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New Member - Level 1

502 Bad Gateway Error

I am receiving the 502 Bad Gateway Error when trying to review the Process Invoice screen.

New Member - Level 1

its bothering me too. i need to book a trip for this weekend and cant get anything to load. someone needs to fix this asap

Occasional Member - Level 2

One of my team members is reporting this as well. 

Occasional Member - Level 2

I'm also receiving the same error when I try log into SAP Concur NextGen UI. It's not just me either, i got emails asking if they were they only department that was having this issue today. Please help, what can we do?


New Member - Level 1

Same here.... Unable to log in. Just says 502 Bad Gateway Error.

New Member - Level 1

Experiencing the same issue. Concur system dashboard for North America says everything is normal... ???

Occasional Member - Level 2

If you look at it shows outages. Under US2 (guessing this is United States something) it shows they are having outages. I guess we hope they get it resolved soon because travel needs to be booked and some of them can't wait.

Occasional Member - Level 1

I'm getting the same error all morning.

Occasional Member - Level 2

The US2 hosted sites have been down for hours. It seems like we run into this issue monthly, and when it happens its hours at a time. Super frustrating and no doubt many will now have to work on the weekend to make up for that lost time. 

New Member - Level 1

My whole national team is unable to log-in ..

Occasional Member - Level 1

myself and a couple of my team members are as well.  I have tried different browsers and still get kicked out.