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Occasional Member - Level 1

OCR accuracy for Concur Invoices

I know OCR used to have it's own set of challanges in the past. If you are using Concur invocies with OCR, how would you rate the accuracy of invoice scanning in terms of percentages (%)?

I think  12 to 15 replies on this topic would be helpful to us in determining the next steps. 


Nick Sanghvi 

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Occasional Member - Level 3

Re: OCR accuracy for Concur Invoices

Hi Nick,

Are you inquiring about Concur Managed Capture service, or the OCR using client managed capture? We have found The OCR technology to be decent, but we cannot rely on it exclusively without human intervention. Since invoices are all different, there is no standard for the computer to rely on. For example, our Concur invoice is always scanned with an incorrect vendor name. We used to use Concur managed capture, but We ended the service because it wasn’t worth the expense to us. The capture service still needed to be verified by our staff because there were frequent accuracy issues. In addition, it added a few days to our payment process. 

I hope this helps you. 


Dana French 

Wintrust Financial Corp