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sent for payment issue

Hi it's been over a month and I have an issue with not receiving the car mileage expenses, my expenses say "SENT FOR PAYMENT", but it just sits there and I don't receive the payments. This issue just started about a month ago, and I have been trying to navigate the SAP options with no luck. There is a FAQ that has the information about how to go to "PROFILE" then take me to profile settings but there it should have a EXPENSE SETTINGS table and the one I have is missing the option "Bank Information" so I can't verify if the problem is with my bank? I work for Amazon and this has been the first time I can't figure out how to fix an issue. Can anyone kindly suggest me options or if there is a specific phone number I should call.  Thank you

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At my company, payment questions regarding status are handled by our Accounts Payable department, but I know every company is different. According to my husband who happens to work for Amazon, any questions regarding reimbursements are handled by opening a ticket with the Expense department. 

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Community Manager

@jluisjua I think @AliciaHansen gave a good response. Also, I do know, unless something has changed, that at your company, your bank information is added through Touchstone (I believe that is the system) which then feeds over to SAP Concur. So, if you want to check on your bank info, it isn't done in SAP Concur.

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Kevin Dorsey
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I am still with the same problem my expense reports keep saying "SENT FOR PAYMENT" but no payment is posted and more expense reports keep piling up. I have tried contacting the SAP team from the company, but I can't find a phone number. I ran out of options I have gone to HR and they use the normal payment procedure, but they get paid I don't everything was a OK until I changed my bank account then this happened, that's why I wanted to find out how to update my bank account in the SAP Concur but I don't have the option in my menu; anyhow thank you all for your help, at one point this issue will get resolved it's not the end of the world.