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"at least one itinerary with a single itinerary row" ????



I have a problem with my travel expense report. Because although I have entered everything and also all receipts could upload, appears  always a warning message with the following wording:


"This report contains at least one itinerary with a single itinerary row. An itinerary is not valid until it has at least two rows. Please add another row to complete the itinerary."


I've been trying to solve the problem for two days now but I couldn't figure out what exactly the problem is and how to solve it. First of all, I have entered the per diems properly. But I still get the same warning message so that my expense report cannot be sent for over three weeks now.

Can someone help me?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@lh003678 looks like you got it figured out. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I have the same issue as user lh003678, but I can't find a solution. 




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I found a solution to this problem.

Go through this pdf and add itinerary to your expenses list in Manage expenses option.

How_to_fix_single_line_itinerary_error-2016-070616.pdf (

Thanks! It worked for me too!