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"Posting Failed. 063(CTE_FIN_POSTING): No vendor found for Concur employee ID"


I have an expense sent to SAP but shows the error:  "Posting Failed. 063(CTE_FIN_POSTING): No vendor found for Concur employee ID" can anyone help on this issue?

Super User
Super User

Hello @carlosgranados 


there are many topics regarding this issue,  please contact with your Finance/HR or IT team and let them know about your issue.


They should check the following:

  1. Concur profile: check if your Concur user has updated the Vendor ID; this should match with you ERP Employee (vendor) ID.
  2.  ERP employee/vendor: check if you have created an employee/vendor in the your company ERP; this employee/vendor should match with your Concur vendor ID.

Hope it helps


Community Manager
Community Manager

@carlosgranados this is a back office profile issue that your company's SAP Concur site administrator will need to fix. If you sign in to your SAP Concur account, you will see a Company Notes section on the home screen. Click Read More to expand the section. You will see two names of people you can email for help. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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I've found that this can happen if the employee's BP record has been expired/flagged for archiving (perhaps due the employee is no longer with the company, but the expense report posting is late).  In this case, removing all blocks (especially the "Deletion Blocks" under the "Vendor: General Data" section of the "Supplier" BP role) should allow the expense to post.