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Super User
Super User

"Missing Receipt Declaration" does not work in Test Environment...

I just wanted to mention that the "Missing Receipt Affidavit/Declaration" functionality does not appear to work in the "Test Environment", but does work in the Production Environments, in both the "NextGen UI" and the previous UI.

The row containing the checkbox of all expense transactions that do not yet have any attached receipts does not appear to make a selection. As a result, the "Missing Receipt Affidavit" cannot be attached to any transactions in the Test Environment.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@new_phoenix I tested this out too and I was able to select the items without a receipt, but when I clicked Accept & Create, the wheel started spinning, but no declaration was created for the items. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi, Kevin - 

Is the functionality for the "Missing Receipt Declaration" not working in the Test Environment, or is there a browser setting that is causing it not to work in the Test Environment?  It is working correctly in the Production Environment, which suggests that there is a software issues that is preventing it from working in the Test Environment, since the "Test Environment" replicates all the functionality in the Production Environment without any changes. Can you check what the cause for this issue might be so that it could be corrected?