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potential fraud

What is the best way to expense a potential fraud expense, since it takes Amex 35 - 40 days to investigate.  Our company's policy is that reporting needs to be done within a 2 week time period so the individual will either need to expense the potential fraudulent charge or I hide the charge until the investigation has been completed.  I don't recall whether Amex credits back the fraudulent charge or just removed it so not sure whether there will be credit.

Super User
Super User

My experience with Amex has been that they supply a credit for the fraudulent charge while they do an investigation.  If the charge is found to be fruadulent, nothing else is done.  If they find the charge was real, they reinstate the charge when the investigation is complete.  I recommend my users to hold off and wait for the credit since once the fraud is reported, Amex usually does not expect payment.  Then import both at the same time with the proper comments.

Nancy Murray
Community Manager
Community Manager

@karenp919 I was going to type out an answer until I read what @Nancyagfa said. 🙂 


Couldn't have said it better myself.

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Kevin Dorsey
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