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outstanding credit card transactions that have not been submitted.

How can I delete the outstanding AMEX credit transaction.


I have few transactions in my Corporate card where the transaction is for personal and hence I do not plan to get reimbursement from Company. How can I delete the transaction so as to stop the system from sending me email : Concur Alert: Outstanding Credit Card Transactions.


By the way, I am based in  Singapore and the Corporate Credit Card is paid for by myself and reimbursed from the company 

Routine Member - Level 2

Hello DLEECC.  This depends on your company's policy.  You may be able to click the box in front of the transaction and delete.  If you are not able to delete, you can ask your Administrator to hide the transactions so you don't see them.


The company I work for doesn't allow users to delete Corporate credit card transactions since if they are deleted, we lose the credit card data and we don't want the employees to manually add credit card expenses.  So if a transaction needs to be removed from the user, the information is provided to the Administrator and she goes in the back way and "hides" the transaction.  That way it can be retrieved at a later date if needed, but the employee no longer sees it in their Available Expenses.

Super User
Super User

Our company doesn't allow corporate credit card transactions to be deleted, but we do have a checkbox for personal expenses. It should look like this: 




When our employees check the box then they are not reimbursed for that transaction. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@DLEECC what @AliciaHansen said. 🙂

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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