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net credit ammount of credit card transactions?

so i had a refund of 1500+ dollars for a cab confrence. its saying i cannot submit due to a net credit ammount of credit card transactions please hold off credit(s) until you have credit card charges to offset. ive waited several weeks to let my mileage add up to offset. now i have a due to employee ammount of 400+ dollars but it still wont let me submit. i dont know what to do. any help would be appreciated.

Frequent Member - Level 1

dear @smcc9194 

you need to consider credit cards and cash transactions as 2 separate things in Concur.


Specifically to your case, you would need to have at least the sum of all credit card transactions equivalent or higher amount compared to the refund charge.


OR for easier, consider that you need to have always a positive (equal or higher than 0) value on CASH and Credit cards to be able to submit an expense.  


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari - Travel Expense Project Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager

@smcc9194 did you already submit the original charge for the conference? If so, then as @Munari_alEXPert mentioned, you will need to wait until you have enough company card charges that total $1500. I would suggest deleting it from the current report so you can get your mileage submitted and reimbursed.


The other option since it is a credit, is reach out your company's SAP Concur administrator or someone in your Finance team and have them hide the transaction so it no longer appears in your profile. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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