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meal per diem picking up the final location

I have some travelers questioning the way meal per diem is calculated  and wanted to get y'alls opinion because you guys rock!

So, you put in your destination city and the to/from on the itinerary. Concur makes the expense lines and you're good! 

I have on very particular traveler who wants to know why the return city wouldn't be considered in the calculation. 

In this example, please see the below image. they left the city of Houston to Nacogdoches and on the return trip, they go back to Houston. They wouldn't get the Houston rate because its the last day and he didn't stay over night there, correct?



And if that is the case, why doesn't the following example give the final city rate on the return trip?




Super User
Super User

dear @scottcb2 

I think it is a correct way of calculating the Daily Meals allowance, since the traveller didn't stay in Huston for work, why should be provided a rate for the final destination without spending any time there. The count for Huston would have been started if there was the continuation of the same trip (from Houston to e.g. Dallas). So the allowance is taking always the rates of the previous destination until the final one. 

e.g. person traveling from A to B to C back to A...

A---> B (Taking A allowance rate)

B---> C (taking B allowance rate)

C---> A (taking C allowance rate)


Please advise if this make sense or need to explain further. thanks. 


Kind Regards

Alessandro Munari
Community Manager
Community Manager

@scottcb2 @Munari_alEXPert is correct. Most of the last day was spent in Nacogdoches, so the traveler would get that rate, not the rate of where they flew back to as the system sees Houston as the travelers "home" in this case. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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