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is there a way to pull MULTIPLE people I support in Expense to see if they submitted



I support about 15 people and I like to go in and check to make sure they submitted their expense reports that I created for them. Right now it seems I have to pull them up each individually, is there a way to view all of them and see if they have any outstanding expenses rather than one by one??


Community Manager
Community Manager

@Lshea526 there are only two ways to view multiple people that have submitted reports:

1. You have access to Cognos reporting and build a report that shows what you are looking for.

2. You have the Expense Processor role and use the Processor screen to view all of these people. 


There is one caveat with the Processor option; processors cannot see unsubmitted reports. 


If you don't have the permissions for Cognos or the Processor, then you do have to go in one by one to look at their reports.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi @Lshea526


Delegate access is actually one of the pain points in our higher ed community - most of our expense reports are managed by delegates or "preparers" as we use to call them who have to log in individually to check activity for many staff and faculty. I was thinking of submitting a solution suggestion, but I haven't figured out what a solution would even look like to this problem. We have considered using the Processor Auditor role, but like Kevin mentioned, this does not address the issue of managing unsubmitted reports. It would also give you access to view an entire group of Concur users' reports, rather than just your delegates which could pose a problem. 


Maybe another solution would be to build and schedule some sort of report in Intelligence if you have it?

Stephanie Chernau (she, her)
UC San Diego
Integrated Procure-to-Pay Solutions