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iPad // Dedicated Expense Photo Album // How to Upload?

The default choice when uploading images of receipts is an Album called ‘Recent’.  How do I change that location to another album called ‘June Receipts’ and upload multiple images from that source?  Thanks!  Tristan 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@TristanElbrick give this a try. On your iPad, take a photo of your receipt. Use the Share icon. Scroll down a bit and you'll see an option to Add a New Album. You can then save all receipts here. 


I don't believe you can set your device to automatically save into a new album when you take a picture, you have to use the Share option. From what I read, you can set storage apps to be the default location, but without storage apps, the phots will auto-save to your device. So, each time you take a photo, you can use the Share option to save into the designated folder.

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Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Occasional Member - Level 1

Sorry I was unclear. The default folder to which Concur points is labelled ‘Recent’ . From Concur I want to select the source album of ‘June Receipts’ using my iPad. How do I do so, please? 

Saw your post when searching for a similar solution.  Wanted to share that I was unable to find a way to access certain albums this route, however, I did find a workaround that seems to work for me.  Rather than using the app, I opened the Concur webpage on my ipad.  Then went to Upload Receipts and next to Available Receipts, I clicked Upload Receipt Image.  When you click that it will open up your photos and give you the option at the top to toggle to albums, then select the album your receipts are saved in.  Not sure why this same function doesnt work when trying to upload a single receipt for a specific expense, but this actually works better in selecting all your receipt phots at once to upload them in the receipt store of your profile.  Give it a try!