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how to expense an negative transaction - Got a refund on card


I received partial refund on items I had to purchase online. I now have a transaction of full amount in my credit card and another transaction for the partial refund. 

How do I now submit the claim ? 


Thank you

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You should be able to submit both together in the same report so that the report total is greater than zero. Since the purchases were made online, you should be able to download a receipt for the original order and for the refund.

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I have a similar situation.  Had a couple online transactions and got refunded for both.  I had four transactions together: two charges and two refunds.  Before seeing this thread, I highlighted all of them and "Delete" them.  Two charges disappeared but two refunds are still there.  I've been getting emails regularly to take care of those refunds.  What shall I do?




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Community Manager

@thiha you will need to reach out to whomever at your company is in charge of company credit cards and have them re-release the deleted transactions back to you so they appear in Concur. If you don't know who this is, start with either your Accounting or Finance department. If that doesn't work, reach out to your direct manager to see if they can help.


Once the transactions are re-released, add them and the refunds to an expense report. They will cancel each other out. However, by submitting them, you get them out of your list of Available Expenses. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
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Hi there,

I would expense the refund to the same expense type you use for the initial purchase - from an accounting point of view that will result in a net amount that is equal to the initial purchase less your refund flowing into your ledgers.



Richard Grigg
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