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export of exchange rates from SAP to Concur working with reference currency in SAP

Hello together,


I would like to ask you for your experience regarding export of exchange rates from SAP to Concur via SAP ICS.

We set up the export and did a test. 

We could see all pairs which are content of table TCURR but we missed pairs which are calculated via alternative exchange rate type.


Specially for EUR and USD we often use  the alternative exchange rate type.

The calculation in SAP is working but the export to Concur does not includes this pairs.



Table TCURR does not include this pair BUT table TCURF with alternative exchange rate type EURX.

and TCURR includes EURX with reference currency EUR so the system knows that it use  EUR to AUD and EUR to PLN to calculate AUD to PLN.


But exchange rate is missing in the export to Concur.


Do you know how this can be included in the export?


Thank you in advance.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Makra hello there. You pose an interesting issue. Might I recommend you request to join the Admin Group and post your question there. This forum tends to be issues more related to end users, whereas your question is better suited for site administrators. 


Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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