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expense reports in concur have not populated

Hello, Jacob Patterson, Operations Manager for The Home Depot Store 3516,  needing to get help with our expense report for December, January, and February.  These reports have not shown up in our concur system to allow us to attach receipts to complete reports for these months.  Usually, these reports would automatically populate and we would just attached receipts as an attachment and then close out the report for the month after everything has been done.  For the last 3 months nothing has shown up. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@jpj6uy hello there. I was looking at your profile and a couple of things stood out to me:

1. I went in to look at which company credit cards you have assigned to you in the system. No results were returned, which I found odd. However, this could account for why the reports for the three months in question were not created. No transactions came into your profile. 

2. I noticed that on your past reports, there were at least three different credit card numbers. Usually an employee has one card, so seeing three different cards was a little surprising. However, a person can have several cards assigned to them. 


So, my question to you is were you using more than one corporate card for expenses? 


Also, it appears that something happened at the end of November/Beginning of December that caused you to not have company cards assigned any longer, hence no auto-created reports. I'm sending you a private message here with the name of someone at your company that is a Company Card Admin. Hopefully, they can help. Check the little envelope icon near the upper right corner of the community. 

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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