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expense report for multiple days

I have a daily limit for the meal expenses.

how can i add 6 days expenses in one report?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Khedra2 you are allowed to add more than one expense entry on your report with the same expense type. So, if you have six days of meal expenses, you would end up with 18 line items that use the Individual Meals expense type. For each line item on the report, you will then select the type of meal. See screenshot below. Fill out all the required fields. If the amount of your three meals for one day exceeds the company allowed limit, you will see an exception message stating you have gone over the limit. 


I see in your account that you have two expense reports created both named "meal expenses". You do not need two reports. Put all the meal expenses for the six days on one expense report. 




Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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