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expense already paid, but getting corporate card available expense request. HELP!

I had items I used my corporate card for, but I already entered an expense report with the receipts and it has been paid. Now, I am getting emails from Concur to create the corporate card expense via the card, but I have already entered the expense and been paid. I can't delete the expense request because it's a corporate card expense request. How do I fix this?




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You may have created your expense report using the mobile app and attached the receipts prior to the Corporate Card transaction coming into your available expense area. When that is done it may appear as a cash transaction on your expense report and if you go back, review your report they may have actually paid you vs the Corporate Card you were thinking.

Check with your Company Administrator and they should be able to help direct you in getting this resolved. 

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Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@tpfeffer did you get this figured out? I looked at your expense reports and your available expenses. I didn't see any corporate card transaction that needed to be added to an expense report.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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Hi Kevin,

Yes, Thank you. I reached out to Dan and he helped me correct it, 

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I have the same issue as the original poster.  I have expenses that were already submitted before the corporate card transaction appeared.  How to resolve?

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The corporate card transaction still needs to be submitted on an expense report.


If you've submitted an expense for that previously then you may have been personally reimbursed by your company and will have to repay the funds.  If that is the case then usual recommendation is to contact your company's Finance or Payroll department for advice on how to repay.