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espenses submittal

Many exceptions appeared, preventing to submit the expenses note. did somebody have an idea how to remove those exceptions, or who we may contact to support on this issue. I have send a ticket information for concurr, no answer up today


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This is a Company Specific Question, unfortunately. In this forum, we would not have access to your company's site. I would suggest reaching out to your Concur Administrator to figure out what the issue could be. If you do not know who your Concur Administrator is, I would recommend contacting your supervisor, IT or finance and they should be able to get you to the correct person to help you.


Travel and Expense System Administrator
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Usually there is a description of the exception above the expense listings and they would tied to your own company's set up and audit rules.  Once you can see what is needed, then you should address with your Concur admin.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@212548762 @Nancyagfa is correct. The exceptions all generate a message as well. You will need to read all the exception messages to see what actions to take. These exceptions/rules are specific to your company, so we cannot really advise you since we don't see the messages and there are probably certain specific steps you will need to take to remove the exceptions. If you are still in doubt how to correct them, your direct manager would be the best person to contact.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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