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error message transaction date

error message transaction date cannot be before report date. what am i missing and how do i correct?  FYI first time using Concur

Super User
Super User

Hi @ksuitor ,


Seems that you company has an Expense rule to validate the Report Date vs Expense Transaction date.


Just check both dates and modify the one you need to be compliant.

  1. Report Date: Go to Concur --> Expense --> Select your Expense Report --> Click on Report Number: XXXX (under Report name). 
  2. Expense Transaction Date:  Go to Concur --> Expense --> Select your Expense Report --> Click on your expense / Receipt.

Hope it helps.



Community Manager
Community Manager

@ksuitor as an alternate path, open your expense report, click the Report Details link, then select Report Header. You should see the report date there. This field might be able to be edited. If so, you might need to just make it an earlier date.


Then, as @NTS mentioned, see what the date of the expense entry is.


Likely, the date of the report will need to be changed since you want the date shown on the receipt to match the date of the entry.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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