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entering bank account information and receiving payment

I cannot find where in my profile that I can enter my bank account info to receive payment.  It appears hidden.  Under help I can see the steps, but they do not appear when I attempt to execute.  Why is this blocked for me?  I have recently approved expenses that I am due reimbursement yet do not see where or how they will be paid.  How can I check?

Occasional Member - Level 1

Apparently you have to be a assistant manager or a manager to have this access. I think you have to connect with your company inorder to have it accessible. I am also confused how to connect my account to my company. If anyone knows how, please let me know.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@MeyerFin1 and @Hamusam the option for entering bank information is not an out-of-the-box option for SAP Concur users doesn't apply to all users. It is dependent on the following:

1. Your company has purchased the Expense Pay service.

2. In addition to number 1, you have been set up in a group that Expense Pay applies to. Just because your company purchased Expense Pay, doesn't 100% mean you will be reimbursed by this service.


If you are not set up in the system as an Expense Pay employee, then you will not see the option to enter bank information. The fact you don't see the option doesn't mean you are blocked. 


If you do not see the Bank Information option under Expense Settings found by going to Profile>Profile Settings, then you are probably going to be reimbursed the same way your paychecks are provided to you, which is likely by direct deposit because during your onboarding you provided HR/Payroll with your bank details. 


If you do not see Bank Information as an option anywhere, then you should be fine to submit reports and be reimbursed. 


For other questions, your best option would be to speak to your direct manager who should be able to provide some insight on how expenses are reimbursed/paid.

Thank you,
Kevin Dorsey
SAP Concur Community Manager
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