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download a multi-level list?

Dear Concur Experts,

We import list items from our SAP ERP system nightly via SFTP. We have recently discovered that we have been importing thousands of list items that should not be in Concur. We have already modified the data extract program in ERP to stop sending these unwanted items. I now want to build a manual import spreadsheet to delete the unwanted list items already in Concur. In order to build this manual import I want to get a full listing of all the items currently in the list. Is there a way to download the entire list into a spreadsheet or a delimited text file?



Routine Member - Level 2

I had a report in Intelligence that shows the  List Management with a prompt to select one of the lists under that group.  


You may also try the Configuration Report under Expense Administration to check the name of the list you want to access.  


The best way is to open a case in Concur to help you update the list. 


I hope this helps. 

Maria Steen