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confirmation on remittance

Hi, guys


Just want to know how everyone else utilize in your company.

Say, one travel and apply claim in Concur, then approver will approve then go to payment process and finally employee will get imbursement. the process is very straight forward I believe.

From employee view point, how he/she will be informed that the $$ actually company ask bank to remitt the amount from the bank to him/her?  (I believe company cannot control when actually the remittance occur as it is bank's process).

How far can Concur support (mean send notification through mail or highlight in landing page)?


Unfortunately in my current company only manage until employee submit the application and his/her manager approve.

Work flow has not completed, but our implementation is like this, no customer point of view...


I dont this this is from the limitation of Concur functionality. but i have no way to know.

At least I know that my previous company utilize Concur much better.

Any comment suggestions be appreciated.


BEst Regards,